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No Fracking in Somerset

Fracking risk compared to thalidomide and asbestos in Walport report

Adam Vaughan Friday 28 November 2014 12.21 GMT Fracking-in-Texas--toxic--008.jpg

Frack Free Chew Valley, Somerset
Autumn of Awareness Raising in PEDL 227

California aquifers contaminated with billions of gallons of fracking wastewater

California, United States (Reuters / Lucy Nicholson)

RT.COM Published time: October 09, 2014 17:35

Impact Redacted: UK report on fracking fallout censored…63 elements left out

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Stop the Somerset Wind farm! Stop the proposed Pylons across the Somerset Levels!...As valid as these protests may be, if you think they're the biggest dangers to Somerset then be prepared to get Fracking mad!


Government advisors sponsored by Fracking industry


Green Party

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Gas Field Free Mendip

Frack Free Chew Valley, Somerset

Frack Free Somerset

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